Hi, I'm Megan Cay.

Welcome to the Kindred Whisk! I am a Food Stylist and Photographer based in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have always loved Photography, I received my B.A. in Photography from Salem State University in Salem, MA (yes, the witch city, and YES it was totally awesome!). After spending some time in the portrait photography world I moved into Advertising, working at one of the largest independent agencies in Minneapolis. While working there I learned so much about all that goes on behind the scenes of the art we all consume on a daily basis. In early 2018 I decided to take some time off from the Advertising world to begin a family with my husband and high-school sweetheart Aaron. Since then I have re-kindled my passion for not only photography, but cooking as well! While raising our beautiful baby girl, I have been spending time developing delicious recipes that I am thrilled to be sharing with you. Combining my passion for food and photography is a dream come to life. I would love nothing more than to help make your dream come to life through my photography, styling, and recipe development!

The Kindred Whisk was inspired by my dearest friend Sarah, she has been there for me through thick and thin for over 25 years. She is a true kindred spirit, and without her none of this would have been possible.